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So what is an IC Centre and why does your business need one?

Imagine a marketing tool for your business that can easily be integrated into almost all the marketing activities you're already doing.

Something you can include in your business cards, letterheads, leaflets, adverts, online advertising, Company vehicles, stickers in windows ... in fact anywhere you can imagine!!

Your potential customers want to contact, connect and interact with your business in a variety of ways and they want to choose how,
Telephone and email are still vital contact tools, but now we have Social Media options too!!

Then there's the question of how you connect with them and how your information and connection methods are presented. Historically this has always been done by advertising in some form of media and more recently through providing information on websites.

But now the world is changing even more rapidly, it's becoming MOBILE!!

This doesn't mean the older tried & trusted methods will disappear, they won't - at least not for a long time yet.
But your audience is changing and the tools they use to contact you are changing.

If you're a modern and astute business you'll already be aware of this and probably implementing many of the new communication tools.
We're certainly not trying to sell you any more, we're sure you're already working with enough of them in your business.

What we can do is put them all into one place, so your potential customers can choose how they wish to connect with you.

That's an Interactive Connection Centre!!

Then we provide different ways you can use to guide customers to your IC Centre,
encouraging the interaction that turns them into buying clients.

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