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qr code selection


So what do you get?

1. We provide 4 variations of a unique High Resolution QR Code generated for you.
A plain QR, another with a small version of your logo embedded within to give it some identity. Another landscape version with your Company colours & logo included to make up an image and a second version in portrait.
All the above will be provided in PNG, JPEG, GIF and PDF formats to cover a multitude of uses.

Put them on the reverse side of business cards, use them in advertising, leaflets or posters. How about a window sticker for your premises, a car sticker for Company vehicles, t-shirts, baseball caps - in fact any advertising & marketing material you can think of.
The possibilties are endless!!

2. A unique URL leading directly to your IC Centre:

3. We'll also give you an email card (image) to use as a footer at the bottom of any emails you send.
Simply attach a hyperlink directing to your unique URL above. If you have an email client such as Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook, you can create an email template (we'll show you how), then just open the template every time you want to send an email and fill in the email content. Your email card will already be there with hyperlink attached.

4. A banner and button for inserting into webpages can also be provided if required. Different websites use different sizes in various sections of the page. If you need one, let us know & we'll create one for you.

Your IC Centre will consist of four screens:

1. A welcome screen asking the user to select the type of device they're using (mobile, tablet or PC/laptop).
This will then feed to the appropriate screen for that device.
Why do this? It's not necessary to give 'call us' or 'text us' options if the user is accessing your IC Centre through a tablet device or laptop. It would only confuse the user and may lead to them clicking away from your IC Centre.

2. Three further screens, one for each of the device options. These screens have the necessary buttons and are optimised for the chosen device.

So,what's the cost?

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