Basehound Media Small Business Solutions

Online presence of your business

Just having a website 'up there' isn't quite enough to get you noticed these days.
Not only does it need to be Google friendly it also has to be mobile friendly and will also benefit from being designed to be user friendly, so there's a lot to take in to consideration.
If you run or wish to run an e-commerce website then that needs regular maintenance, updating products and prices, changing photos etc.

Basehound Media can create and manage your online presence allowing you to continue with the normal day to day operations. We basically take that headache away from you.
We can arrange domain purchase and hosting through one of the world's best known providers allowing domain based email addresses and guaranteed up time. All for a low, fixed monthly fee and we can even manage your ebay store!!

For more information on this or any other services we can provide, click the button marked 'CONNECT' and choose how you want to contact us.

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